A collection of T1D books for young readers


Biographies/ Non Fiction

Actually, I can

Growing up with Type 1 Diabetes, a story of unexpected empowerment

by Morgan J. Panzirer

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 6, Morgan shares her journey in this insightful memoir. Reflecting on her life, she provides valuable insights for others facing a similar diagnosis and their families. From gadgets to legislation, joys to frustrations, Morgan's memoir offers a comprehensive perspective. Her commitment to advocacy and education for her disease shines through in this informative narrative.

No Added Sugar

Growing up with type one diabetes

by Fibi Ward

"At the time I was diagnosed [aged 13], I wanted to read something written by somebody of my own age, from their perspective, about how they dealt with being diagnosed, and to reassure myself that all the fears and worries that I had were normal. However, I have not seen any such book on the market and have decided to record my own experiences so that other children and teenagers who are newly diagnosed with type I diabetes can get some benefit and comfort by reading about and relating to them." - author

No Days Off

My life with Type 1 Diabetes and journey to the NHL

by Max Domi

Max Domi's childhood dream was to be a hockey player, following in the footsteps of his professional hockey player father. However, at the age of twelve, Max was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, altering his life overnight. Battling the complexities of his condition, Max learned to navigate challenges on and off the ice. "No Days Off" is an inspiring memoir that highlights Max's journey to overcome adversity, emphasizing the mental and physical toughness required to pursue his dreams while managing his diabetes.

The Beloved World of Sonia Sotomayor

From the Bronx to the Supreme Court

by Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor, growing up in the challenging South Bronx, aspired to become a lawyer and judge despite never meeting one. Facing hardships, including juvenile diabetes and family struggles, she remained determined. Guided by mentors and supported by her Puerto Rican family, Sotomayor's perseverance led her to become an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court in 2009. Her inspiring memoir demonstrates that dreams can come true despite obstacles.

The Sugarless Plum

A ballerina's triumph over diabetes

by Zippora Karz

Dancer Zippora Karz, a rising star at the New York City Ballet, faced a crisis when diagnosed with diabetes at twenty-one. Initially misdiagnosed with Type 2 instead of juvenile (Type 1) diabetes, she endured dangerous weight loss due to incorrect treatment. Balancing ballet and blood sugar, Karz struggled but eventually embraced her body's limitations. In "The Sugarless Plum," she chronicles her journey from denial to leading a fulfilling life as an insulin-dependent diabetic and ballet star. After retiring from the ballet, Karz became a diabetes educator, inspiring others to thrive despite their illnesses. Her story is a testament to determination and perseverance.


Another D for Deedee

by Bibi Belford

DeeDee faces numerous challenges, marked by the letter D, in her lifeā€”from her missing dad to family struggles, a diabetes diagnosis, and the desire for a true friend. When she meets River, a neighbor with cochlear implants, they bond over shared interests and common experiences. As River helps DeeDee navigate her new circumstances, including participation in a talent show, they develop a deep friendship. However, when River transfers to DeeDee's school, she grapples with standing up for him against her classmates' judgment. To be a good friend, DeeDee must learn to embrace differences, both in others and in herself.

Even Superheroes Get Diabetes

by Sue Ganz-Schmitt

Kelvin, an imaginative boy enamored with superheroes, has his world shaken when diagnosed with diabetes. The reality of finger pricks and medical appointments challenges him, but a mysterious doctor reveals Kelvin's true superpowers. In "Even Superheroes Get Diabetes," illustrated in a comic book style by Micah Chambers-Goldberg, the story not only engages children but also educates parents about the world of diabetes. The book includes a kid-friendly diagram explaining type 1 diabetes and definitions for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

School Bus: Secret

The adventures of Rhodes & Alana

by Rhodes & Alana Ritenour

Join eight-year-old Rhodes and his best friend Alana on their first adventure in "School Bus Secret." When missing the school bus leads to an exciting journey, Rhodes seizes the opportunity to share his experience living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) with Alana. This delightful story, the first in The Adventures of Rhodes and Alana series, captures young readers' imaginations with three chapters and colorful illustrations on each page. Parents, educators, and clinicians will find subtle lessons about friendship, responsibility, and life with diabetes, making it a valuable teaching tool for various audiences, including newly-diagnosed T1Ds, pediatric endocrinologists, diabetes educators, teachers, classmates of type 1 students, and families.

The Ups and Downs of Audrey May

The adventures of Rhodes & Alana

by Missy Mareau Garcia

Nine-year-old Audrey May, accustomed to life's changes due to her dad's work on movies, faces a new challenge when she discovers she has Type 1 Diabetes. Despite the uncertainty, Audrey is not alone, as she has the love and support of her parents and her lively little sister to navigate the ups and downs of this journey.

What's Up with Ella

Medikidz explain type 1 diabetes

by Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair, John Taddeo

This vibrant graphic novel offers an engaging introduction to Diabetes for students. Using superheroes to represent different body parts, the accessible format presents a non-threatening approach to explaining the disease.

Zeus, Dog of Chaos

Written from the point of view of a T1D service dog

by Kristin O'Donnell Tubb

Zeus, an aspiring K9 commander from a heroic lineage, faces an unexpected mission in middle school. His new human, Madden, is diabetic and wants to stay invisible, but Zeus's duty to alert him complicates matters. As Madden pursues dreams and connections, Zeus learns that standing out is sometimes necessary to fulfill his duty.